2022-12 Sacred Connection

December 2022
Mandala of the Month

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“In each of us,
there lies a [Sacred] connection
 to a power more powerful
than hate or violence.
Today is the day
to attune to that power
and use it on behalf
of peace on earth.”

— Marianne Williamson

“The desire for connection
with the Divine
and our formless inner self
is at the foundation
of all desire
for human connection.”

— Donna Goddard

“It’s about really having
a [Sacred] connection:
a connection with the divine
behind the world
and flowing forth out of that
in a positive way
with love and moving toward
making a contribution
that pushes forth
the evolution of the world.”

— James Redfield

This month’s MotM encourages us to seek our Sacred Connection to the All That Is, by whatever name or energy that resonates with each of us. At the same time we are encouraged to recognize the Sacred in each other, which is the essence of the word “Namaste” (The Divine in Me Sees and Honors the Divine in You). And we can even go a step further in recognizing the Sacred in everything. When we do, we come from a place of appreciation and awe.

Our challenge becomes firstly, to be willing to allow ourselves to recognize the Sacred within our own selves and secondly to be willing to allow ourselves to recognize the Sacred in everyone else and everything else. Once we are willing, we can easily take the next step of actually being able to recognize the Sacred.

All that being said, this goes beyond any specific attachment to a religion, Deity, or spiritual practice. This is about connecting with the highest level of energy found in all of us and in all things. We make this connection when we can rise above our ego state and allow for whatever or whoever to just be; and to just be with it or with them…without judgement, without labels, without justification. It’s a tall order and could take a lifetime to experience even a glimpse of it and yet when we do, the joy of it is totally worth it.

From Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net, he sums up this month’s MotM beautifully with his post, “The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred”:

“Look at everything around you
with awe and appreciation.
Treat it with respect and care.
Put things away with reverence.
Treat others as if you are connecting
with the divine.
And treat yourself
as a manifestation of the universe
that has somehow been given
the gift of realizing
its own sacredness.

“That is true magic,
and it is always available.”

— Leo Babauta


The Mandala Lady

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