2022-04 Empowerment

April 2022
Mandala of the Month

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Mandala to Color

“Be of service.
Whether you make yourself available
to a friend or co-worker,
or you make time every month
to do volunteer work,
there is nothing that harvests
more of a feeling of empowerment
than being of service
to someone in need.”

— Gillian Anderson

“The most common way people give up
their power is by thinking
they don’t have any.”

— Alice Walker

these three alone
lead life to sovereign power.”

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

This month’s MotM invites us to choose power…and by power we mean the power within ourselves that comes from a Divine source. It’s about knowing and embracing who we are regardless of what others may say or think. It’s about feeling the presence of our Inner Essence, our Higher Self, our Spirit, that wants us to succeed, that wants us to shine our Light for all to see and experience. It’s about being present with ourselves and having the courage to do what needs to be done, to say what needs to be said, and to create what needs to be created.

We each have our part to play, big and small. Let’s do what we came here to do. Let’s be who we came here to be. Let’s create like we came here to create.

We are empowered to do so. So be It.


The Mandala Lady


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