October 2010: Yin Yang

October 2010 MOTM
October 2010 MOTM

Download the October 2010 Mandala of the month [~520k]

As human beings we live in a dualistic world; a world of opposites.  What often ends up happening is that the two opposites tend to oppose each other.

I’m here to remind us (as others are doing as well), that rather than oppose the opposites, embrace the opposites, find balance.

We need the light as we need the dark.  We need the sun as we need the moon.  We  need women as we need men.  How can we know good without knowing bad?  How can we experience joy without knowing sad?  Without up how can we have down…which would make enjoying roller coasters rather difficult.

I’ve probably said this before and I’m going to say it again…if we want to be happy, healthy, and wise, we need to find that balance between all these polarizing opposites.   Seek the value in both; find ways to have them work together.  This can be especially challenging with the upcoming mid-term elections for us here in the United States.

At the very core of our imbalance, is our left and right brain.  We as a culture ten to glorify the left brain (analytical) over the right brain (creativity)…just notice what gets cut from school budgets first?  music or science?

It amazes me that the powers that be have yet to figure out that maybe the best solution is to use the creative arts (music, art, dance, theater, etc) to teach the analytical (science, math, history, etc).  How fun would it be to have students put on a play about history; incorporating writing, art, music, etc. along with the historical data in the telling and learning of history?  Or how about using geometry to create art?  Most of my mandalas were created using math and geometry.

So ponder where in your life you need balance as you color this month’s mandala of the month.  Just the mere act of coloring balances both sides of your brain…that’s why you’ll feel more relaxed and focused after coloring. 🙂

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

I would love to see your colorings…Upload them to Flickr at  http://www.flickr.com/groups/mandalas/


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