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That's me demonstrating the coloring of one of my mandalas at an outdoor show in Oregon...hence the need to wear boots 🙂

To find out more about my art, my background, and what I do, visit my web site @ www.TheMandalaLady.com/the_art/statement.php

– Maureen


  1. Hi 🙂
    I have a newfound interest in drawing Mandalas and was curious as to your experience with different coloring mediums such as colored pencils, pastel pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels various markers and gel pens

    Looking for something that will produce vivid colors, but is also forgiving and not messy as paint

    What are your experiences/recommendations for a beginner
    thank you,


  2. Hi Andrew, welcome to the world of mandalas. I can comment on everything except pastels…I have yet to use them…mainly because they can be messy.

    Color pencils can give you vivid colors if you use a high-quality pencil. I use prismacolor and I burnish the colors in order to make the colors pop.

    These days I use mostly markers or watercolor pencils. I use Tombow makers. They can be a bit pricy…yet they have great, vivid colors. The brush tip makes it feel like I’m painting and the fine tip lets me do detail work.

    I also like to use a variety gel pens to add accents and highlights over markers.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

    Happy Coloring!


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