January 2013: When All Else Fails…

January 2013 MotM
January 2013 MotM

Download the January 2013 Mandala of the month

When all else fails…

  • read the directions
  • start over again
  • chart a new course
  • punt

Just a short list of some possible endings to “when all else fails.” You may have a few of your own to add to this list.

With so many possible interpretations for all the sections of this mandala, here too we have many possible endings to “when all else fails.”

I sense that the overall meaning of this month’s mandala relates to our often futile search outside of ourselves for peace, joy, and the answers to our life’s questions…when in reality we just need to stop, breathe, and re-connect to that higher part of ourselves that always is there for us, offering peace, joy, answers, etc.

I use the word re-connect because when we seek outside, we disconnect and forget. And while shopping, chocolate, video games, etc. give us moments of fun and joy, their effects are temporary…until we get the next fix.

For some of us connecting with our higher self, even believing that we even have a higher self, can seem challenging. How can we trust it? What if I receive an answer I don’t like? What if it tells me to do something I don’t want to do? Ah..that’s where exploring and experimenting with it comes into play.

We always have free will. Regardless of what comes to us, we have the option to ignore it. Over time however as we start to pay attention, and even follow through on some of it, we come to realize that we are only guided with what’s in our best interest and for the highest good of all.

Start with the little things and work up to the bigger things. A fun one I like to play with is when I have more than one way to drive to a destination. I just check in to see which way feels like it would get me there quickly, safely and easily in that moment. Sometimes it takes me the longer route distance-wise, and yet I managed to arrive quicker than I thought.

Just play with it and ponder it as you color this month’s mandala of the month.

Happy Coloring! Happy 2013!


Maureen, The Mandala lady


Be sure to download Section 1 of the 2013 Mandala of the Year.



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