May 2010 – Gravity

May 2010 MOTM
May 2010 MOTM

Download the May 2010 Mandala of the month [~600k]

What turns water into rain and yet is defied when balloons are filled with helium?  Gravity

We all have a general idea about gravity…we let go of something and it falls down to the ground…and usually breaks in my case.  To find more details about gravity and to gain a better understanding as to why it’s this month’s theme for the MOTM, I researched wikipedia, merriam-webster dictionary, and

I particularly like this sentence from wikipedia:  “Gravitation causes dispersed matter to coalesce, thus accounting for the existence of the Earth, the Sun, and most of the macroscopic objects in the universe.” I also like’s definition of coalesce:  “to unite so as to form one mass, community“.

My sense is that this month our focus is on community/groups/organizations, those that we create and those to which we ‘gravitate’.   We could also look at it from the opposite perspective: attraction…that which we pull towards us.  Who do we draw towards us?  Do they lift us up or put us down?  Do we gravitate towards groups/organizations that make us feel better or deplete us of our energy?

When we are in group gatherings (be it with a group of 2 or hundreds), let’s pay attention to how we feel and determine if this is a group that serves us and all who participate well.  If so, by all means let’s continue with them.  Otherwise we may find that it’s time to release ourselves from them in a gentle way like balloons filled with helium.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

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