January 2010 – Harmony

January 2010 Mandala of the Month
January 2010 MOTM

Download the January 2010 Mandala of the Month (~700kb)

Up until this morning I had little idea of what January’s MOTM would be.  Then I woke up from a short but powerful dream.  When I finished analyzing it I realized that I need to create more harmony and balance in my life.  Since today is New Year’s Eve, it seemed appropriate and fitting to declare this as my new year’s resolution for 2010:

Strive to create harmony and balance in every aspect of my life

If you want to read about the dream you can visit my dream blog

This mandala, to me, represents harmony…four objects floating along, separate but together.   In 2010 and beyond, let’s strive to each live our lives floating along, separate but together.

For the symmetry and asymmetry purists out there, this mandala may push your comfort levels a bit, since the two exist together here: the 4 symmetrical objects and then the asymmetrical background objects.

The idea of there being four objects is interesting as well.  In reading Carl Jung’s “Man and his Symbols” book, he talks about the four functions of consciousness:  thought, feeling, intuition and sensation.  Once suggestion I would offer is to is to focus on each function as you color each object and pay attention to what comes up for you as you do.

To all of you I whole heartily wish you a harmonious and balanced new year!

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

I would love to see your colorings…Upload them to Flickr at  http://www.flickr.com/groups/mandalas/



  1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?


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