September 2009 – Vibrations

September 2009 MOTM
September 2009 MOTM

Some of you may be old enough to know the Beach Boys song, “Good Vibrations”.   That’s what we’re striving for this month…good vibrations.  We are all energy…you, me, the computer keyboard I’m typing on right now, the chair I’m sitting, and so on.  Energy has a vibration, a frequency.  This month’s MOTM is all about vibrations and what rate of frequency do we want to vibrate.

Imagine a social gathering.  People are coming and going.  One person walks into the room and just lights up the whole place.  Everyone is happy to see that person.  Some people even stop what they are doing to head over to that person because they just want to be in that person’s presence.

Another person walks into the room and has the exact opposite happens.  As a matter of fact some people even walk out of the room.  As sense of dread floats over the room; everyone hoping this new member to the social event stays away from them.

Notice some of the other people at the event: the wallflower, the butterfly, the observer, the BS’er, just to name a few.  We’ve all seen these people, we may have been all of these types of people at one time or another.  One thing they all have in common is that they all are vibrating at a certain frequency.  The higher the vibration, the more people want to be around them.

What frequency rate are you vibrating?  Which person at the social gathering do you want to be?  When we are more upbeat, joyful, in a place of gratitude and appreciation we are vibrating at a higher frequency.   When we are in a state of fear, anger, or worry we are vibrating at a much lower frequency.   We are all responsible for our own vibration.

The higher our frequency the better we feel on all levels.  Sure others around us my try to raise or worse lower our vibration, ultimately, though, it’s our responsibility.   Even when bad things appear to be happening, maintain a higher vibration.  This month let’s focus on our vibration; let’s do all we can to raise it.  Color this month’s MOTM with this thought in mind.  Collectively our higher frequencies can make a dramatic difference in the world around us.

Now go have fun coloring!  :-)

Download the September 2009 Mandala of the Month (~325kb)

NEWS FLASH: I set up a group on Flickr for you to post your colorings for the MOTMs!

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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