July 2009 – Be Still

July 2009 MOTM
July 2009 MOTM

Okay how many of you have trouble being still? Anyone? Anyone? I’ll have you know my hand went up first! Let me clarify a bit…I am quite capable of physically being still, it’s being still mentally that’s the challenge.

Two weeks ago I was doing something that required me to take 3 deep breaths, and on the 3rd I was to exhale through my mouth and open my eyes. By breath 2 my mind was already a million miles away and was at count 4 or 5 before I realized it.

What do you think would happen if everyone on this planet would just be still for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes? Can you imagine that? Even for a moment? I hope so because that’s this month’s assignment, as well as coloring this rather intriguing mandala design.

We need to do whatever we can to find moments of time to just be still; that can be anywhere from taking 15 minutes out of your day, each day, to meditate, or to taking a conscious deep breath as often as you can remember throughout the day.

Just stop and be still.   On a physical level, we’ll lower your heart rate/blood pressure, think more clearly, calm our nerves, and just plain feel better.  On another level, we’ll connect with that higher part of ourselves that has all the answers, our intuitive selves, our higher conscious, our soul, or whatever your want to call it.

You can even practice being still while you’re coloring. Color one section or with one color for a while and before you move onto the next section or next color, just stop and be still.

Now go have fun coloring!  :-)

Download the July 2009 Mandala of the Month (~600kb)

If the size of the file is a problem for you, let me know and I’ll make a smaller file version.

If you want to be notified when the next month’s mandala is available, subscribe in the upper right column.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

PS>  Deepak Chopra offers a wonderful & easy heart meditation, which involves being still.  It’s main focus is on dealing with loss or loneliness however this meditation is great for anyone regardless of your current emotional/psychological state.    (added 7/2/09)


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