October 2008

October 2008 MOTM
October 2008 MOTM

Receiving this month’s MOTM was a little different.  While I was preparing myself to connect with my team, I began seeing an abstract version of the Eiffel Tower.   I sketched it out as I saw it after making my connections.  It was very odd and felt very cold and heartless to me, which is the opposite of what I know mandalas to be.  If I had to apply a sound to it, it would sound like a cracked bell…a clanking thud.

I re-grouped, and made sure I was listening to and seeing what my team wanted me to see.  My intuition was right, the mandala that then came through was totally different…it’s what you see here.  This felt more like the mandala for this month.  To me it feels more alive and vibrant with all kinds of possibilities.

So what’s to be gained from this experience?  It’s okay, and probably highly recommended, to question something that feels off and to trust your own judgment and intuition.

Before coloring this mandala, look at it from a variety of angles.  How does the line figure into this?  At first it may look like circular objects (mini mandalas? snow? bubbles, rain drops?) falling down from the sky.  Look at it again.  Imagine you’re a bird flying around and you happen to look down.  Does it look like people walking (viewing them from the tops of their heads), near or on a road and/or vegetation (trees, bushes, etc.)…similar to a landscape plan?  What other perspectives can you see?

Have fun playing with this one.

Download the October 2008 MOTM

I would really enjoy hearing from you about your experience with coloring this or any of the other mandalas.  Feel free to submit comments (and especially your colorings) to this blog.

When you finish coloring it, you can upload a digital image of your coloring which will then be posted on the “View MOTM Colorings” page of this blog (see tab at top of this page).

If you want to be notified when the next month’s mandala is available, subscribe in the upper right column.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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