August 2008

August 2008 I barely sat down to do my meditation for August’s MOTM design and this idea just popped into my head. At first I thought it was suppose to be more ‘perfectly’ drawn (lines straighter, circles more circular); I soon realized that this one is to be purposely off-kilter. It’s a combination of both symmetry and asymmetry in one design. When I look at some of the ‘squares’ they look like what bed sheets look like when drying on an outdoor clothesline on a breezy day. As a kid, that was one of my jobs, hanging the clothes out to dry…including the sheets. I look forward to seeing how all of you color this one.

Download August 2008 Mandala (PDF File)

Once you’ve colored it, you can upload a digital image of it to my “Mandala of the Month” web page:

You can view its various colorings by selecting the “View Colorings” tab at the top of this blog page.

Happy Coloring! – Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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