About the MOTM

To give people of all ages an opportunity to tap into their creative side by coloring a mandala a month.
How it Works
  • Free to participate
  • A new mandala design will be created every month specifically for the MOTM project
  • Around the end of the month, the mandala for the next month becomes available
  • Download from this blog and print
  • Color it any way you want (keep in mind this is a family-friendly project)

Post on my Mandala of the Month Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MandalaoftheMonth/


  1. I don’t really know what you mean by “Mail”.

    I colored your mandalas before. Why are the colors no longer available or am I doing something wrong?

    Please Help….


  2. @Dee
    1. You could send (via snail mail) your coloring of the mandala of the month. Since I’ve closed my shoppe, it might be best to keep it for now until I re-configure how to display everyone’s coloring of the mandala of the month.
    2. re: colors…did you mean ‘coloring the mandalas online?’ If so, the problem is temporarily on my end. In the next few days it will be back up & running as part of a re-organization of my web site (TheMandalaLady.com).
    If I’ve missed the mark in responding to your comment, please feel free to submit another comment.
    – Maureen


  3. You have answered my questions. Thank You!! I’m so glad that your coloring on line is only temporarily
    discontinued. I enjoy doing the mandala of the month over, but in different colors, until the new mandala of the month arrives. Thank you again…..


  4. I just found your site so many mandalas I be copying for ever. I just got done with a class to make mandalas. I am working on my now, Wonderful past time and you have something loviny to look at and help with your problem too.


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