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For me, creating mandalas is more than just coloring pretty patterns in a circle. I do it because my spiritual evolution and creativity require it of me. My mandala designs come about within an active meditative state, connected with my higher self, my spiritual guides and nature spirits. Together, we bring into form, mandala art the allows me to re-connect with my own inner peace and joy, letting me explore and expand my own creative spirit to however far and in whatever direction I want to take it. As part of my own spiritual journey, I encourage, and hopefully inspire, others to explore their own creativity, to help them re-connect with their own inner peace and joy. As a means to that end, I make all of my mandalas available for people to color. Why should I have all the fun?

November 2015: Blessed

This month’s mandala reminds us to embrace this magical experience we call being human, on this mystical planet we call Earth…to see, feel and know it as a blessing. Continue reading

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October 2015: Balderdash

It may seem strange to have this as our theme for this month, however, we’re taking a different spin on it. Rather than listening to our negative thoughts, were going to call them exactly what they are: balderdash! Continue reading

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September 2015: Benevolent

Download the September 2015 Mandala of the Month September’s mandala inspires us to be benevolent. We’re often reminded to be kind to others. The Dalai Lama even goes so far as to say: My religion is very simple. My religion is … Continue reading

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August 2015: Bravery

Download the August 2015 Mandala of the Month “It’s not brave unless your scared” – from the movie “Bounce” When we see people doing brave and courageous things, we think they must be fearless. The truth is, however, they’re probably … Continue reading

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July 2015: Bodacious

The idea for this month’s mandala comes from a little girl who watched as I sketched out some of the 2015 Mandalas of the Month designs.

About to sketch July’s MotM, I asked her what would she like to see in it. She replied: “an elephant.” So here you go…a bodacious elephant. Continue reading

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June 2015: Brilliance

In the process of putting this month’s MotM together, I heard the song “This little light of mine” playing in my head and thought “that’s perfect!” for this month’s mandala: Brilliance. Continue reading

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May 2015: Breathtaking

Ever experience a something that took your breath away? It’s a truly in-the-moment experience…whether it be a negative experience or positive. We’re usually doing something else, probably unaware of what’s going on around us, when all of a sudden something happens to bring our attention front and center, in the moment, that makes us take in a big gasp of air.
Continue reading

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